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Laparoscopic Spay

Laparoscopic Spay

A laparoscopic spay might be a good fit for your female dog or cat if you are looking for a minimally invasive alternative to the traditional spay procedure.

With a traditional spay procedure, both ovaries and the uterus are usually removed, which is considered an ovariohysterectomy. In contrast, a laparoscopic spay normally only removes the ovaries (ovariectomy), which means a surgeon can make a smaller incision or set of incisions in the patient.

Benefits of Laparoscopy Spay

Research has shown that animals undergoing the laparoscopic procedure feel less pain than with a traditional spay. The surgery time runs shorter and there’s less bleeding if any. Due to smaller incision(s), recovery generally occurs in half the time compared to post-operative timeframes for an open spay operation. Recovery includes faster wound and skin healing, plus a quicker return to normal activity.